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Camp Golden from andrew jay on Vimeo.

How I spent my golden hour this morning. Created for the vimeo weekend challenge but ended up being a day late (they switched from their usual wednesday deadline to tuesday and tricked me) decided to upload it anyways.

Win the giveaway of either Jay or Varina’s bag filled with awesome professional gear that they use every day. Awards will include life-changing tools from Induro, f-stop bags, SmugMug, and Joby plus a complete collection of Jay and Varina’s educational titles totaling nineteen books.

Un jour j’irai à New-York avec toi. On a quitté Dublin serein, laissant sécher les fondations que nous venions d’entreprendre.

Le filtre UV, élément indispensable pour les uns, complètement inutile pour les autres.

Back to back by Sébastien Roignant

Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. Oslo, le musée des bateaux vikings : le bateau d’Oseberg et une des sculptures.

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We all know and love Max Rive’s iconic work. His mountainous landscapes seem to perfectly encapsulate the thrill of adventure.

This one’s for all the photographers who have ever dreamed of quitting their day jobs, packing a small bag (mainly with camera gear), and hitting the open road in search of adventure. And it’s all brought to you by our friends,! If you haven’t already heard of them, Adventure.

How do you feel about iPhoneography and mobile photography? Do you think it’s still just a fad, or would you consider it a serious art form? Can the camera on your mobile phone replace your point-and-shoot? While all these questions are up for debate, we’d like you to take a look at 40 gorgeous

Erez Marom is a professional nature photographer, photography guide, and traveler-adventurer based in Israel. Visit his official website to see more of his work. In this tutorial, Erez shares the story behind his image, “Night Ride”.

Photography—it’s all about passion, skill, and commitment. Ever wondered what a day in the life of a photographer is like? Every week, we ask a photographer to document and share how they spend a typical day at work, giving you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at a pro’s shooting schedule.

About a month ago, I realized I should probably get something smaller than my 4+ lb DSLR to take pictures of my new family.  I also wanted something that would give me good enough image quality so that if I was out somewhere without my main kit I could still shoot some landscape “keepers”.

Record action videos, with cinematic Stabilization and Slo-Mo. Shoot while walking, running… and get cinema quality, smooth footage. Record and share Slo-Mo clips, set when Slo-Mo starts and ends.Export square videos for Instagram, Vine or Replay!Power features:- Preview stabilized videos instantly- Save stabilized videos to camera roll- Record and save Slo-Mo shots, even with iPhone 5/5C- Set Slo-Mo start and end- Record in 2 formats: square 1:1 or cinema 16:9- Trim videosTechnical specs:- Works on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S - iPhone 4 & iPad ARE NOT SUPPORTED- Slo-Mo: captures 120fps on 5S, 60fps on 5/5C- Slo-Mo is not supported on iPhone 4SRecording tips:- Steady needs light: shoot outside or in well-lit environments- Focus on a subject while moving the camera- Be creative!Bonus: for a before/after stabilization, hold 2 fingers on the video preview, and see the difference for yourself!We love feedback! Help us make Steady better at

Une belle promenade au milieu de photos aussi magnifiques les unes que les autres, en voici mon regarde. Je recommande vivement le festival, pour toutes les infos voici le site web du festival